I am Yvonne Roelofs and I live in Holwerd, a small village in the northern part of The Netherlands near the Waddenzee with my cats.
They can play free in the house and in the garden. I don't have cages to lock them in.
Sometimes kittens are born and I love to see them grow and play in the living-room, where I can give them lots of love and attention and where they are being well socialized. After thirteen weeks of learning, growing and playing they are ready to go with their new "servants" in order to live with them, and I hope so, for the rest of their lifes.

I want to breed healthy and beautifull ragdolls. Therefore my ragdolls are tested by echocardiogram on yearly basis for HCM and PKD.
When you visit my cattery I can show you the results.
Also there will be a DNA-test for HCM1. My cattery is negative for Felv and Fiv.

I am a member of
the Belgian Cat Fanciers (BCF)

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