Los Mejores Victoriano
100% traditional (certificated)

Seal color point/Nb-Dd (chocolat carrier)

V. D*Torameni Dolls Lamborghini GT
M. Give a Little Smile von Kandergarden
D.o.b. : May 16.2015


HCM/PKD/CIN Echography: neg. on the of August 27. 2018
HCM 1 and 2, /PKD DNA: Negative
Felv//Fiv tested neg. on the of August 27. 2018

Blood type: A

.Victoriano is a traditional ragdoll, he was born in Süderbrarup, a little village
in Germany.On april the 18th. 2016 he has become father of four beautiful
raggies. they all heritatedhis beautiful blue eyes and nice caracter.
He likes to be hold and hugged.












Mister Call Me Figaro of Cattitudes
100% traditional (certificated)

Blue color point

V. Tatjana Mr. Top Priority
M. Brugidolls Miss Raggedy Annie
D.o.b. : May 26. 2015


HCM/PKD/CIN Echography: negative on August 27.2018
HCM/PKD DNA: Parents and grandparents are tested negative

Felv/Fiv: Negative on August 27.2018

Blood type: A

Figaro also has a very nice character, like all ragdolls have. When he was 13 weeks old his weight was 2 kilo. He is like a teddybear, he loves to be hugged. Friendly for everyone. With his beautiful blue eyes he can stare at you and you will melt. Just like Victoriano he is from traditional lines.










PL*Mulan Cat F.Rigoletto

Seal color point

V. Ch. Fausto Unreal Ragdolls*ES
M. Ch. Venus Dorwel*PL
D.o.b. March 17.2015


HCM/PKD/CIN Echography: october 9. 2017
Felv/Fiv oktober 3.2017
HCM/PKD DNA1: Negative
HCM/PKD DNA1: Negative

Rigoletto, I call him Rik, Rikkie and very often Love, because he has, just like the other two males, a very nice character. In my arms I cannot hold him long , he is too big and too heavy. He is born in Poznan, a beautiful town in Poland. In the picture he looks very angry, but that's the picture. He is really very friendly. He has beautiful blue eyes, his fur is very soft.

He will not be for stud services.











Filensio Joey Naastenbest


Joey, seal point, is born in England on November 21. 2008. He has a nice character and likes to be caressed and chucked. His furr is soft like silk,and with his beautiful blue eyes and excellent character he is every inch a ragdoll.










Mis Cariñitos Dark Sensation Brownie

Brownie, chocolate mitted, born on May 1.2011, is a tall cat and has a lovely character. He is very quiet but he doesn't like strangers. He is friends with al the other cats in the cattery. He likes sitting on my knees, but as he is so tall he is not comfortble.









Rocky van de Doeda's


Rocky, blue mitted, is born on November 3.2013. He is a big boy, very tall, but not as tall as Brownie, he is younger and has to grow a little bit more. He has a nice caracter, friends with all the other ragdolls in the cattery..